District Training Update

Our first preparation for 2017/18 was to arrange an extra Assistant Governor meeting in November 2016.    We had five new AGs elected at the October District Council meeting and it was agreed to have an ‘orientation’ meeting.     We were able to enlighten them as to the development of their first year as an Assistant Governor.  This proved successful, worthwhile and popular.

With a new District Trainer on board – Ged Whittle, Southport Meols Rotary – we wanted to modernise the training.   Ged had done much preparation work and we had a very successful District Officer Training Meeting (DOTS 1).  The 2017/18 theme and strategy was outlined by myself to update the District support team consisting of the DG Continuity team,  the 10 AGs (Assistant Governors) and all the Service Chairs.

The Governor and AG team attended the RIBI Leadership Assembly at Birmingham and I felt that it was a great team building exercise.   All who attended were able to hear RIBI President Elect Denis Spiller’s presentation and meet with RI President Elect Ian Riseley and his wife Juliet.    We all left inspired and well prepared for the next step.

This indeed was PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) which we held at the Holiday Inn, Runcorn.    Going around the groups I felt very proud of the Assistant Governors facilitating the training of their individual groups and the constant flow of ideas and information between the President Elects and AGs.      Sadly out of 79 clubs – 19 were missing but we were delighted that our latest satellite Chair and member travelled all the way from Bala to listen, learn and participate and, indeed, their input was greatly  valued.

After DOTS 2 we prepared for the District Assembly and we had just under 300 Rotarians in attendance.   In the General Session I was able to inform all attendees about the Presidential theme and  the priorities of the  Rotary year.

We have identified a need to improve some of the breakout sessions, fill in gaps of Rotary knowledge for new Rotarians etc.  District trainer Ged Whittle already has this in hand for next Rotary year.

We all felt that we can constantly improve on the training and learn from our mistakes.    Ged is open to all ideas and wants to build on the success of his first year.

Following on from this we have a District Support training day with Keith Best, RI Coordinator on Monday, 5th June – covering Rotary Club Central and membership issues.

This will be followed by training on Monday, 11th July for our incoming Presidents, Secretaries and Exec. Secretaries on the use of Rotary Club Central.

As you can see there has been an awful lot of work put in by many District Officers to ensure that in 2017/18 – We really do ‘Make a Difference’.







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